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Hello, our team and I are working with you. My name is Sergey, I am an individual entrepreneur. I have been working for more than 10 years. My team strives to fulfill orders better and better.

The quality of our work is for us the criterion of growth.

The programs, modules and various extensions placed in the store are fully developed by us. We try to maintain the quality and work at the proper level.

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Теле2 Explorer Office +7-900-488-12-00

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Электронная почта "Explorer Office" info@explorer-office.ru

Operating mode: 10:30 - 21:00

Private Entrepreneur Sergei Korenevskiy (IP Korenevskiy Sergei)

Director of Company

Legal address: 18 Karachevskiy lane, Off 55 (Karachevskiy per., d.18, kv.55)


Orel City (g.Orel)

Russia 302016

PSRNSP 312574024100033  (OGRNIP 312574024100033)

ITN 575207065347 / BIC —  (INN 575207065347)

Источник: https://englishfull.ru/znat/inn-po-angliyski.htmlfdfsdfsdfsdsdsdfsd

Источник: https://englishfull.ru/znat/inn-po-angliyski.html

Источник: https://englishfull.ru/znat/inn-po-angliyski.html
Источник: https://englishfull.ru/znat/inn-po-angliyski.h