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If the purchase failed for unexpected reasons, due to poor Internet, infected PC, and other reasons. Let's explain the procedure for solving problems.

1.You CAN not make a purchase on our site through the payment system aggregator.

Please contact our duty officer at the following contacts and We will offer you a different purchase method.
Contacts of the duty officer of our site:WhatsApp +7-900-488-12-00 /korenevskiys

2.You have successfully purchased but not received the product.

After the purchase, You saw a message about a successful purchase, but did not receive the product. Check your email address that you specified when placing your order. Please make Sure that the order message is NOT included in the subfolders of incoming messages (mailing Lists, news) or SPAM. Search your mailbox using the site's domain explorer-office.ru. If the email is in the mailbox, even if it is in SPAM or deleted, it will still be displayed. Be sure to be patient, Mail services (Yahoo, Mailru,Google) can deliver the letter to 15 minutes. However, if you use mail forwarding from multiple mailboxes, you may get a delay of up to 15 minutes for each mailbox, for a total of 30 minutes or more. At the same time, you must track all the subfolders and SPAM folders of each of the forwarded mailboxes and perform a search for each mailbox.

3.The Money was debited, but You do not know whether the purchase was successful.

Urgently contact the duty officer of our site. Please provide all information about the completed payment. Remember that Sberbank's payment aggregator monitors the security and anonymity of Your Bank card. If a transfer was made from Your Bank card. Then we will definitely see it. Please provide the exact amount and exact time of payment. We will refund the money or make delivery of the product in a convenient way for You.

Attention: Each of our paid products has a free version. Be sure to check the quality and necessity of the purchase before purchasing.
Check out the free version. You can download the free version in each product description via a public link without placing an order.