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Dear users, you can use a variety of payment methods for purchases.

1. Bank Card

Payment is made using the Bank's plastic card: MIR, Visa, MasterCard. To make a payment, our site opens the payment form of Sberbank of Russia using the link of the Sberbank payment aggregator. In this form, you specify the card number, month/year, owner, and security code. The payment aggregator of Sberbank of Russia provides the security of funds transfer and the security of your card data in the form in which You specify your card data. If Your card is protected, the Sberbank payment aggregator confirms the payment with an SMS code.

2. Transfer to the company's current account.

Payment is made by transferring non-cash funds to the organization's current account.

After making the payment, We send a private download link to Your email.
After that, Your order is Completed.