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Bilet Movie-Theater tickets DEMO - plugin for JoomShopping-Joomla

Plugin "Bilet Movie-Theater" tickets in DEMO mode.
You have use the plugin the copyright to by saving the link under tickets.
You do not have the right to remove or hide the link from view.
Buy DEMO version of the Plugin "Bilet Movie-Theater" tickets tickets you will receive:

  1. Support the scheme of the hall with the choice of seats (in development).
  2. Constant updating of the plugin.
  3. Bug fixes and faster performance.
  4. Online Support: fb.com/groups/placebilet/ and vk.com/placebilet
  5. Support and download your language.
    Default language:(en-GB,fr-FR,de-DE,es-ES,pt-PT,it-IT,zh-CN,ja-JP,ko-KR,uk-UA,be-BY,pl-PL,tr-TR,ru-RU)
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