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_Multi module for Joomla - Full

-This module is multi-functional.
1.This is a container for other modules.
2.This is a container for pictures from a folder.
3.This is a container for articles from the category.
4.This is a menu item container
5.This is a container for styles, js and html

Container for modules
1. It sets in itself name of the module position for other modules
2. It sets in itself selectively other modules

-Mackets for the multipurpose container
1. Simple
2. Slideshow: owlCarousel, slick, slideshow-3D-CSS3-Transforms, bscSlider, sliceBox
3.Bootstrap-Tabs(include modules will show as tabs)
4.Popup modal window(include modules will show in modal window)
5.Offline mode with background image screenshot site

- Mode display modules
1.Select tags and links for titles
2.Selection to show only pictures
3. Select to show text only.
4. Select tags
5.Support for processing plugins
6.Support with the module content if the container is empty.

- Conditions of display and shutdown of the module.
1.For debugging
2.For homepage
3.For selected menu item
4.For mobile device
5.For domain
6.For user IP
7.For component
8.For View component

-In the container, you can also add
1.Style and CSS
2.Scrypt and JS
3.Simple html code as is.
4.Google font for name
6.Copyright text with currrent year
PS this

This is necessary so that the dependent scripts, widgets, counters and styles are grouped into one container. Disabling one container module will disable the widget and its scripts.
You do not need to create multiple modules for one widget. You will not have confusion.

You can place static text in a module from articles, for title, header, for footer, for address, for widgets. This will allow your customers to make changes to the information on the site without access to the modules. Thus, by making changes in the footer, address and title, the user will NOT be able to break the module settings for display.

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